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Meet Tammy Edmonds

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and that is where my story begins. I have worked in the health care industry for over 22 years. I love helping people and being creative. As a hobby, I started out making greeting cards for friends and family. Once I saw demand was high, I figured I could turn that into a business. I decided to use the former name “The Pinking Craft” because I love all things pink and I was crafting.   

At some point along the way in 2014, I decided to try my hand at making chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos. My mother would give me feedback as she was my taste tester, she also advised me on the importance of presentation. I started selling the treats to my already existing clientele of friends and family. The smiles that would spread across their faces as they would see and taste the treats warmed my heart. I knew then that chocolate would become my passion.

I relocated to Jacksonville, Florida in 2015 after losing my job. It was time for a fresh start and to be honest, I was tired of the snow. After taking a year to adjust in my new city, I decided to focus on growing my business. This began with making treats for my co-workers. They would tell friends and family and the orders started rolling in from there. Adding a variety of tasty treats for my customers did not hurt either. I genuinely love what I do and hope you can see and taste that in the quality of my offered products!

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