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About the Name

 “The Pinking Craft” (the former name) did not speak to what I did with my treats. I made a bold move to change the name of my business to “Glorior Treats” which is a twist on my mother’s name, “Gloria.” I wanted to incorporate her into my business as she was there from the beginning helping me get things right. If I had an order to do, she had an order to do! She would not go to sleep until I had finished it.

My mother was my biggest cheerleader, my one constant, I could count on her for anything. My mother was beyond the definition of a “strong, black, woman.” Mom worked two jobs for over 20 years. During her first battle with cancer, she continued working while getting her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Mom would get up for her treatments in the morning and would go straight to work an eight-hour shift afterwards. When she retired from her main job, she kept working her part time job for a few more years. After a strong fight, sadly my mother lost her battle with cancer in 2016. Her memory lives on through my brother and me daily. The name change is my way to honor her and keep her memory alive.

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